Ultimate Pistol Add On





:confused:... well I bet Every armchair commando is going to have one by the end of the month.
I thought this was a joke until I clicked on the link... :doh: Why? I mean really? WHY? What for? When would you ever need such a thing?

Who in the fuck would design such a fucking thing, and to think the blade is made by KBAR??? :doh:

Sofa King We Tall Did!
If it was $20.00 I would buy it...... I would even use it in some class I teach! Just to show the stupid shit you DONT need to buy for your pistol!
This is not a new idea at all! In the days of one shot muzzle loading pistols it made sense and was used by Pirates and ship bordering sailors as well as others in CQC.

Well that makes sense then. Piracy is all the rage. The GWOT is sooooo 2003.
This would be better if it were a mini chainsaw instead. Maybe a rocket-propelled mini chainsaw.