US and Iraqi SOF gunfight

Good video.
Anyone here know if Indig training in Iraq is as frustrating as it is in A-Stan?

Short barrel M4 with a QD suppressor = NSW ?
[ame=""]Insurgents Getting Wasted Compilation[/ame]
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They are GREAT vids, I never tire of watching those cocksuckers getting blown away!
all those peq's, it was looking like a laser light show. i always preferred the 2 becasue of the flood option.
Gotta love "March Madness".... thats what we called it when Sadr decided he was going to do his own thing, and his minions started acting suicidal. I had a front row seat to this battle, as it was in my battlespace but that's all I'll say about that.... Good guys 1, bad guys 0. }:-)
Kind of a random question here, but does looking through night vision devices for extended periods have any kind of fatiguing effect on your eyes?