US Military Budget 2013


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Jan 22, 2010
Standing in the door
Yesterday the Obama administration has presented the long-awaited draft federal budget for 2013.
may be interesting, in a severe deficit, taking a look at what is earmarked for defense and intelligence by the U.S. government. Especially to evaluate the consistency between what is claimed by the U.S. to date (for example the famous change of focus towards the Asia-Pacific) and the actual facts.
Regarding the Pentagon, Obama is proposing a cut in the allocation of funds for 2013, 1%.Approximately $ 5 billion less than expected in 2011, with a more moderate growth over the next ten years than previously estimated. In short, it would be more correct to speak of decline in the growth of cuts.
Army and Marines seem to actually be those most affected than Navy and Air Force.
As for the Intelligence Community, the document provides partial information about the totalamount of the budget and do not detail (of course). In particular, the budget proposalprovides only the amount of the National Intelligence Program (NIP) and not of the MilitaryIntelligence Program (MIP). A fact, the latter, which often has not been announced by the U.S. government.
In 2011, the NIP was to amount to 54, $ 6 billion. For 2013, the administration is about 52.6 billion.

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