USA/USMC seek new sniper round


The scope on our mk-13 from crane is a nightforce. I talked with the long gun guy at crane sounds like they are looking into 220 grain instead of 190 for the mk-13. As far as 110 I hate the f@3king thing. We have had so many recalls and actually had to send our lowers back before this trip to get new trigger mechs, now they are saying bolts are cracking left and right.
I am really wondering as to why they want a personal engagement rifle capable of 1500 or 1800 meters? I am also wondering what optic they would plan to top it off with?

Why? Because in an Iraq type environment and especially in a A-stan type, being able to tag a target beyond 1200 odd yards will be a HUGE advantage for sniper units. With the high angle shooting involved in A-stan right now, you would see an immediate advantage for them.

That's why besides the C15 .50, the Canadian teams have the C14 .338 Lapua. I looked up the training requirements for snipers in our shooting programme manual and with the .338, snipers have to engage targets out to 1200 meters. With the .50 they are engaging targets 1500-1800 meters. That's just in training...
So what is the average shot distance in Iraq and A-stan?

It was my understanding as of 2006 in Iraq the average shot taken was with in 500 yards and required multiple shots. Hints the M110 and the M14/ M21’s…

I never saw any data for A-stan, however I have plenty for Iraq…

I am not saying that it’s not a good idea; I am simply wondering why they are looking for a range of 1500 to 1800 meters? I am also wondering what optic they would use at the distances?

A-stan is a different pool of assholes that use one tactic very well and that is stand off. I don't want to get into details do to opsec, but I never used my 7.62 rifle there because I couldn't reach out far enough. So, I had to lug my 50 everywhere.

The same optic can be used and Schmit&Bender makes a higher power one that we utilize as well on our 50's.

A 338 HPBT would be a nice replacement to the 7.62, and I hope they take a better look at the stock for the new gun. We don't need another bench rest competition weapon.

A 338 HPBT with a Schmit&Bender 24 power and a Horise Vision Reticle........ and it's a bad fucking day for Moush assholes.:evil: