USSOF destroy weapons caches, kill two insurgents in Zabul


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Jan 3, 2007
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ZABUL, Afghanistan (Courtesy of CJSOTF-A Media Center, Aug. 20, 2010)– A U.S. Special Operation Forces team surprised insurgents in the act of planting a roadside improvised explosive device Aug. 17 in northern Zabul province resulting in two insurgents killed and two others injured.

The USSOF team also found two weapons caches. Both caches, one found near an insurgent over-watch position, and the other where the IED was being placed, were destroyed by an explosive ordnance disposal team with no collateral damage reported.

During a patrol through the province, a helicopter crew initially discovered two adult males planting the IED. Two others were seen armed with various weapons pulling security along the main highway heading north through Arghandab district.

Ground forces were called in to conduct a sweep of the area. The insurgents began firing at the SOF team using small-arms fire. The helicopter crew and SOF members returned fire resulting in two insurgents being killed and two others injured.

The weapons caches included two 40-pound homemade explosive devices, two AK-47 assault rifles, eight full AK-47 magazines, two hand grenades, a pressure plate initiator, a rocket propelled grenade launcher, two tactical vests, a battery pack, two handheld radios, an IED toolkit, two motorcycles loaded with explosives and various wiring materials and manuals.