Video: Combat Footages in Afghanistan


Designated Hoops Sniper!
Jul 25, 2009
Siaton, Neg. Or.
This one's a ambush captured on helmet cam - glad everyone came out OK. M320 in action.

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"ANA got hit in the head and he can walk!" :)
It looked like he had a stoppage just as his team mate crossed his line of fire.

It also looked like he was sitting up and moving around a lot while the others were flat on the ground. :)
Great video. Thank you.

I looked like a close call as he crossed his line of fire!
That was a great video--one of the better combat engagements demonstrating small unit action that I've seen. I was also nervous seeing the one guy cross the other's field of fire and was afraid a guy that had dropped down would pop up. I was never able to see the enemy, which isn't surprising given that I'm seeing from a camera but I was wondering at what point the enemy disengaged and how often they actually saw the enemy or muzzle flashes. They were lobbing quite a few grenades and putting down a fair amount of fire. What type of grenade launcher was being used? Is the guy with a camera an officer or NCO? Anyone notice the black thing on the sun?