Water...the great equalizer

The wiz is a hot chick with big jugs and a case of beer...however when you start walking to her, she starts slapping you and turns into an instructor:D

The wiz is a hot chick with big jugs and a case of beer...
...sounds like fun....but....

Instead of big jugs: could I get a 'Dwane Johnson' with a box of Godiva's chocolate covered strawberies on the side?
haha, it didn't even dawn on me that people would think that i was talking about vertical. I did that 50ft dive tower at CDQC...couldn't imagine going too much deeper than that. That shit was starting to hurt.
horazontal not vertical, but still under water
Bro, you did notice that I'm not a blonde....right?

:D I know it's horazontal, and fook me that's a distance to be kickin. :eek:

I don't think even PJs would be bonkers enough to free dive: BatShit Loony!

it helped that i grew up surfing and spearfishing as a kid.

i think the record at our Indoc course is something like 110 meters...now that shit's just fishlike
Water always gets em. Dosen't matter who's selection it is the water seperates the men from the boys. Guy could be solid on land and run like a jack rabbit but the second you yank him down for a couple of seconds to "talk" he freak right out.