WOW with a small bore bolt gun.

That is very cool shooting. Have a look at the brass, that isn't small bore either!

Here is a Lee Enfield doing the same...

Mad Minute.
Minimum of 15 rds onto a 12" round target at 300 yd within one minute using a bolt-action rifle (usually a Lee-Enfield or Lee-Metford rifle). It was not uncommon during the First World War for riflemen to greatly exceed this score. Many riflemen could average 30+ shots, while the record, set in 1914 by Sergeant Instructor Alfred Snoxall was 38 hits.

The video I posted was the annual official mad minute competition, the guy shooting was the winner.
This makes me want to get my .303 out to the range.
Ring or middle finger - it's a technique the Brits perfected with the Enfield MkI... it allowed the "mad minute" ... IIRC the record for firing the Lee-Enfield mkI was 38 rds/minute - all on target.

They did an episode of Top Shot where one of the Elimination Challenges was the "Mad Minute". Pretty cool to watch.