1. A

    160th SOAR (AIT Selection)

    Hello everyone, I signed for 15C (MQ-1C operator) and will be shipping 2/5/24. I wanted to have the 160th option 1 added to my contract, but one of my waivers prevented my joining from initial enlistment (5150). My recruiter informed me that, given my medical waiver, I need to first complete...
  2. July

    I can’t find this anywhere

    If I earned (basic) airborne wings/parachutist badge in the Army, can I wear them in the Navy, and where is the proper placement. The basic parachutist badge specifically, I don’t have the pre-reqs for the Navy specific wings.
  3. L

    Newly Enlisted | Army 18X

    Hey everybody. Last month I signed my 18X (Special Forces Candidate) contract with the Army and found Shadow Spear while reading up on the Q-Course. I decided to join the forum because I wanted to be able to connect with more experienced individuals and ensure I'm prepared for SFPC & SFAS...
  4. RoastedToast

    Thoughts on the Army E-Sports Team?

    For those of you on the Army side I'm interested in your opinions on the whole idea about creating an esports team that is essentially being used as a recruiting mechanism.
  5. G


    Hello there! I have spent six years in the Army National Guard as Military Police. I'm a new NCO as well. Outside of the military I have served on PSD teams for celebrities and executives around the world. I'm excited to be a member and learn more about preparing for an SOF selection.
  6. M


    Senior in high school, currently training everyday religiously to become a Ranger. Happy to be apart of this community :)
  7. W

    Working for option 40 in contract

    Ever since I was a little kid I've wanted to be a ranger. I've lived my life working towards the physical and mental capacity of a ranger. When I went to go talk to my recruiters they told me I couldn't get 11x option 40 in my contract because of my misdemeanors (2) that I unfortunately obtained...
  8. P

    Dilemma between Army SF officer and Air Force CRO

    So for the past 5 years I have set my eyes on a career in special operations. I have done my research of each SOF unit and I have come to find that I am most interested in either Army SF(18A) or Air Force CRO. Between those two, I have the strongest passion to become a CRO but when comparing the...
  9. PistolPete


    Greetings All, Based on my username, you all can guess that my name is Pete. I am a 19 year old chemistry student at the University of Illinois. Upon graduation, I plan on enlisting in the Army via the 18x option in hopes to join the few men that comprise Army Special Forces. I know the path...
  10. bcrimz47


    Hi everyone, I am freshman in college and have wanted to join the military for awhile now specifically as a Navy FMF Corpsman. I have been doing a lot of research on this site and have learned a lot and it has helped me to narrow my focus as to what I want to do and what it will be like so I...
  11. A


    Hey guys sorry I joined on my phone and did not see that I had to make an introduction! Well my name is Andrew, and I am really interested in joining the Air Force. But I'm stuck between two jobs, and one of them being outside the Air Force and in the Army the 75 Ranger Regiment. I am in the...