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    Reserve Recon

    Hey guys, I did read the helpful list of topics relating to recon and force recon, but didn’t see anything that totally matched my question. I am hopefully going to ocs soon to be a reserve officer and want to eventually move into the SOF community, and am looking at both army SFAS as well as...
  2. D

    Is there literature similar to "MARSOF 2030" detailing the vision for Force Recon?

    I read this interesting publication: which details what the future for MARSOC might look like. I am curious, is there any literature of a similar forward looking nature focused on Force Recon? I am...
  3. D

    Can someone connect me with 4th Force Recon Detachment in Hawaii?

    I am moving to Hawaii soon and will likely start an master's degree program in September. I am interested in joining the 4th Force Recon detachment down there. I was wondering if someone could connect me with the right POC down there to get more information about the process. Thanks!
  4. S

    Is it possible for a new officer to go directly to a Force Recon billet or MARSOC billet?

    I know that MARSOC requires at least the rank of Captain, just looking for clarification on both.
  5. C


    Good evening, (or whatever time it is when you read this.) I am headed off to OCS in a few months as part of the NROTC program. I know that everyone says focus on whats at hand, that being OCS, however I want to start training as much as possible and CORRECTLY for Assessment and Selection or...
  6. S

    .Best Officer MOS for future MARSOC/FORECON

    Hello, I'm new to this forum, so I may be unaware of some rules (spoken or otherwise) so bear with me, please. I hope to attend the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland after graduating from high school and join the Marine Corps, after this, I was considering joining either the...
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    Hello everyone, I have been on the site since I joined the Marines in 2016 and decided to make an account today, I am currently a Corporal and am looking to either go recon or try my luck at MARSOC A&S, 296 pft 294 cft, tier 1 Marine, black belt, went to the hitt championship this year, and...
  8. E

    Greetings All

    I'm an ex-Air Force US government contractor currently working overseas and I'm trying to become a reservist recon marine with 4th Force Recon. I had a serious self talk with myself about re-joining the military and thought to myself that I only have "one life to live" and growing up in San...
  9. S

    Force Reconnaissance Marines and Marsoc Raiders Information needed mostly Force Recon.

    Sup dudes I wanted to know more information about Force Recon Company's missions since 06 when the most Experienced Force Recon Marines were taken an formed Marsoc now Raiders and some other information as well. 1. What's is Force Recon Company's missions today. After 06 and you guess it I'm...
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    hey fellas what's up dude said I'm suppose to do one of these to stick around so here we go I'm from Brooklyn New York born in 1998 3 years old when 911 happend 2 of my family members died there, they worked in a restaurant called "Windows On the world" I heard it was a fancy joint. In about 3...
  11. U

    Introduction for Shadow Spear part 2

    Hello to all, First off i would like to say thank you to all the military member's on this site. My name is Numbnuts, a USMC poolee whose ship date is Feb 15th, 2016. It is an exciting experience for me to be apart of this site for i have been searching through it for the last year to find out...
  12. bcrimz47

    ..There a need for FMF Corpsman and SARCs?

    HI everyone, I just joined the site yesterday but have been on here watching for awhile. My question is pretty much stated in the title : Is there a need/openings for FMF corpsman and SARCs right now? I ask this question because since I met who is now my good friend at school I want to be a FMF...