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Nov 12, 2018
Good evening, (or whatever time it is when you read this.)

I am headed off to OCS in a few months as part of the NROTC program. I know that everyone says focus on whats at hand, that being OCS, however I want to start training as much as possible and CORRECTLY for Assessment and Selection or Basic Reconnaissance Course and if anyone who has been there would like to help me along my journey I would be forever grateful. Please feel free to PM me or reply here with any questions you may have.
Dude.... Don't bother trying to prep for either of those courses until you've passed OCS, TBS, and IOC. You'll just be wasting your time cause those last two courses are gonna cause you to atrophy anyways.
Your body is going to break down, change, develop weaknesses etc so many times over the years just from training/formal schools/bodyweight fluctuation. Just build a solid foundation, note the evaluated events, and prepare for them when you're nearing them. The only thing I would do now is start getting comfortable in the water. Water confidence just takes logging hours in the pool and getting used to being in the water
This is the Eleventy-billionth thread about “Recon/MARSOC” on this site.

Please use the search function (it is REALLY good) and join one of the other numerous threads on the same topic. There is no reason to start a new thread every time someone wants to ask How to prep for Recon/MARSOC.

Now that we’ve got “rucking” squared away, I think I just found my new site project while I am on vacation next week.

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