1. R

    Civil Affairs / 38B / CAAS / CAQC / SERE / Gryphon Group

    I made a few episodes on Civil Affairs and also how medics are utilized. If enough people are interested, I'll do an "Is Civil Affairs Worth It?" video. In this I will outline my deployments, TDYs and training. I still have videos up and coming on SERE and Gryphon Group. Here are some of the...
  2. dsl8va

    Pilot Program for Physician Assistant (PA) credit for SOF medics

    I was conducting some research and found the attached article and thought it could be of use to some of you here. Short summary is that USUHS will be overseeing the pilot program and will determine the feasibility of awarding SOF medics with credit towards a PA degree for military operational...
  3. 157bear

    Sf/ranger question (civilian)

    I have a question that I can’t really seem to find an answer for online. For the past couple months I have been dead set in the 18x program. Recently a new guy came into my local mma gym and he happened to be a former Army guy. He had been to sfas but was a 21 day non select. He later gave me...
  4. RoyAR

    Importance of MOS selection if I don’t go 18X

    Hello everyone, I’m new to the forums, but have been browsing for a few months. I did do a search but thought it would still be helpful if I started a thread about my particular situation. I haven’t enlisted yet because I’m currently waiting on a waiver for LASIK. I’ve expressed my desire to...
  5. O

    Navy SAR Corpsman

    If someone could enlighten me I've been doing my reaserch but have found little info on what SAR corpsman do (I know the basics...), I guess I'm just confused if they work more for civilians or more in the combat side? All info is appreciated thanks.
  6. Some Guy

    Question regarding combat medical jobs in the Army

    I realize I tend to ramble and type before I think, so I'll keep this consise. Couldn't find the information I was looking for through search function, I apologize if I missed it. I'm currently enlisted to be a 68w (which is to say, I haven't gone through BCT yet, pretty obviously, I imagine)...
  7. O

    Switching jobs in DEP?

    I signed as AV with the navy when I was at meps because that was the latest ship date which is in January 2018... I want to switch it to HM with the DAR (dep action request) which my recruiter already sent in, do you think my job will change within these 8 months I have?
  8. MoonDoggy


    Good evening all, Found this site while searching the web for specific long gun info. Seemed like an interesting place. Thought I'd join in. About me, Prior service with Army Reserve component with a CSH, wasn't fond of that, went active duty and ran the black off my boots with the infantry...
  9. TLDR20

    BSN for medically trained veterans!

    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has started a program called the Veterans Access Program, which allows medically trained veterans access to a traditional or accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree(BSN).This means any medically trained veteran, or a veteran that wasn't a...