medical waiver

  1. J

    Need some assistance

    Hello Everyone, I am really at a crossroads in my life and need some guidance. Ever since I was a child it has been my desire to become a Green Beret. Unfortunately, I faced some very strenuous adversity at a young age. I was diagnosed as a child (back when almost all kids were) with...
  2. J

    MFFS (Military Free Fall School) vision requiments?

    Hey guys&gals, I'm in need of a bit of help understanding something I read in the AR40-501 regarding vision requirments for MFFS. I'm planning on getting PRK before I go plan on enlisting and found out if you get it it's not disqualifying if it was done before you go in. But here is the...
  3. J

    Color Vision Standards

    Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to understand all the color vision standards that are needed to be met in order to become a PJ. I have talked with many people who have given me very conflicting information and cant find out anything online as all that info is also conflicting. My...
  4. NightTrain

    Air National Guard Unit with DQ at MEPS

    Clarification to my previous question: After passing an assessment, can/will an ANG Unit work (by talking to the Medical Board, with a written note, etc.) to help get someone a waiver if they are DQ'd at MEPS?
  5. TheKicker

    18x Medical Waiver/ Possible Recruiter Lie?

    Alright, here goes: Eight years ago ( almost nine), I tore through my Meniscus (tissue in the knee) and had an arthroscopic surgery to repair it. I healed up wonderfully, and it has been healthy with no issues even through Highschool/college football and the all intense lifting that goes...
  6. Drewked

    Option 40 and Medical waiver do not mix..

    Hello gents, I want to thank anyone who is taking the time to read this. Sorry for the length of this post in advance.. Long story short, I first started seeing my Army recruiter back in late September. We had some problems with a medical allergy I have to Raw Shrimp. Was subscribed an epipen...