1. dsl8va

    Pilot Program for Physician Assistant (PA) credit for SOF medics

    I was conducting some research and found the attached article and thought it could be of use to some of you here. Short summary is that USUHS will be overseeing the pilot program and will determine the feasibility of awarding SOF medics with credit towards a PA degree for military operational...
  2. J

    MFFS (Military Free Fall School) vision requiments?

    Hey guys&gals, I'm in need of a bit of help understanding something I read in the AR40-501 regarding vision requirments for MFFS. I'm planning on getting PRK before I go plan on enlisting and found out if you get it it's not disqualifying if it was done before you go in. But here is the...
  3. J

    Color Vision Standards

    Hi Everyone, I am currently trying to understand all the color vision standards that are needed to be met in order to become a PJ. I have talked with many people who have given me very conflicting information and cant find out anything online as all that info is also conflicting. My...
  4. N


    I have a simple question. I have been really interested in becoming a SARC with the NAVY for a couple years and was told that that is part of the SF community. Does anyone here know realistically if it will be possible for me to become a SARC if I’m enlisting at 32 into the NAVY with no prior...
  5. policemedic

    From Delta to Pharmacist--Helping Vets Fight Addiction

    This is pretty inspiring. He's facing quite a challenge; I have a large VA medical center in my district and many of the vets I encounter have some type of substance abuse issue. Sometimes this is not of their making--they're victims of poorly planned pain management for legitimate...
  6. G

    Medical History at MEPS

    Hello all, Having a bit of trouble with my medical history for MEPS. Hoping I can get some advice from anyone who works at a MEPS or a recruiter. If you have the time, please DM for details. Confidentiality is requested.