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    Hello, I am an Active Duty 2LT 11A. I am currently in IBOLC and I have orders for 10th MTN, 3rd BCT in Ft. Polk. Prior to joining the Army, I double majored in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics with a minor in Physics. I played D1 Rugby before getting a really bad concussion and did...
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    .Aviator to MARSOC

    I'm currently getting a Computer Science degree from a school that's 1 tier below an Ivy League and am looking to start USMC PLC for 6 weeks this summer on an aviation contract (just awaiting some medical clearances). Now, I know this question is a long ways down the road, however, how realistic...
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    Dilemma between Army SF officer and Air Force CRO

    So for the past 5 years I have set my eyes on a career in special operations. I have done my research of each SOF unit and I have come to find that I am most interested in either Army SF(18A) or Air Force CRO. Between those two, I have the strongest passion to become a CRO but when comparing the...
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    Life as an officer?

    Hello, I'm a student at Duke and a mid in NROTC. I'm currently a Marine option, but I'm considering attempting to switch to Navy in order to pursue SEAL. Before I even think about beginning to make the switch, I was hoping to get some insight into the life of an officer in MARSOC. My dad was...