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    Hello everyone, I have been on the site since I joined the Marines in 2016 and decided to make an account today, I am currently a Corporal and am looking to either go recon or try my luck at MARSOC A&S, 296 pft 294 cft, tier 1 Marine, black belt, went to the hitt championship this year, and...
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    Re-class question

    I got a call from my recruiter today saying there was an 11x option 40 available so I reserved it. The ship date is Jan 25th. I did some quick research for few hours, I have class to go to. Considering my time frame to make a decision and to not take someone else's dream from them, my question...
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    Source verification

    I have been searching for ways to increase my chances of being selected from SFAS and continue on. That info is not hard to find and has been great. Now, I am looking for ways to increase my chances to get selected for my first choice, 18D. The info I have found is located below. I want to make...