1. N


    I have a simple question. I have been really interested in becoming a SARC with the NAVY for a couple years and was told that that is part of the SF community. Does anyone here know realistically if it will be possible for me to become a SARC if I’m enlisting at 32 into the NAVY with no prior...
  2. Njonti

    .SARC pipeline and recycling

    Hello all, As I've been been perusing various information sources on the Navy SARC pipeline, I ran into possibly eye opening comments on becoming a SARC. Multiple comments stated that they were either Corpsman or in the Marine Corps and knew of SARC hopefuls that said you cannot recycle any...
  3. O

    Special Operations Corpsman Program?

    I'm confused on what you do in SOCP and how long it is, etc. Any info. helps, Thanks.
  4. O

    Switching jobs in DEP?

    I signed as AV with the navy when I was at meps because that was the latest ship date which is in January 2018... I want to switch it to HM with the DAR (dep action request) which my recruiter already sent in, do you think my job will change within these 8 months I have?
  5. O

    How to get your paramedic license in the navy?

    I just DEP'd in for the navy as a HM... on the Navy COOL website it says its possible to get you National Registerd Paramedic license, is this true. (Im in EMT school right now i'll have my certificate in May)
  6. O


    Hi, my name is Tyler I just Dep'd in for the navy I have a HM contract and want to go through the SARC pipeline... i joined this website for any info, mentoring, help, or comments. Thx
  7. BravoMachine


    Hello all. My name is Zachary Fino. Out of high school I wanted to be an infantryman. A relationship with a girl diverted my focus. It was not long into the relationship when I resumed thinking of nothing but being an infantryman. I attempted to join the US Army but was rejected by recruiters...
  8. bcrimz47

    SARC pipeline Question

    I was wondering if there is any proof of an attrition rate difference for Corpsman going through the SARC pipeline straight from A-School compared to a FMF Corpsman who has been on the green side for however many years and goes through the pipeline. I would expect that the more seasoned Marines...
  9. bcrimz47

    ..There a need for FMF Corpsman and SARCs?

    HI everyone, I just joined the site yesterday but have been on here watching for awhile. My question is pretty much stated in the title : Is there a need/openings for FMF corpsman and SARCs right now? I ask this question because since I met who is now my good friend at school I want to be a FMF...