1. B

    Older Civilian w/Army SF Aspirations Introduction

    Howdy all, TL/DR: I'm a 31 year old civilian with aspirations of earning an 18X contract. I've been in corporate health and wellness for almost 7 years now. I've been a telephonic health coach, onsite coach coordinator, and wellness coordinator. I'm currently a specialty health coach, I...
  2. L

    No airborne contracts available....

    My recruiter pulled up the data base and there aren't any option 4s available. Will this hinder me from going to SFAS down the line or will I automatically be sent to airborne school upon completion of SFAS? I don't want to screw myself over and have to wait years to get jump qualified just to...
  3. L

    Young, aspiring ODA team member

    Greetings everyone, The title speaks for itself but allow me to elaborate. Growing up, I always wanted to be a Navy SEAL. For me, that was the epitome of what it meant to be "Special Forces". Obviously I was wrong. I learned more about the ACTUAL SF guys and realized that they are a whole...
  4. J

    Switching from Pre RASP to SF

    Hey guys, long story short I'm a 24 year old private that joined the army with aspirations of serving in special operations. I initially signed as an 18x but after some self reflection I decided I wasn't mature enough to take on that challenge, so I switched to 11x with an option 40. Since...
  5. T

    USMC Infantry Officer Service Transfer to Ranger Regt

    I’m an active duty Marine infantry officer interested in a service transfer to Ranger Regt or SF. 11-years TIS and post company command. I have another 1.5 years on station at my current command. I think the USMC is headed in the right direction with an emphasis on Naval integration but I...
  6. A

    USMC Recon to SF

    Hello all I am currently a Recon Marine and have been in for a little less than 2 years. I am currently trying to figure out the rest of my career and am looking into SF and Marsoc. While I plan on contacting an SF recruiter a friend recommended this site so I thought I would look for insight on...
  7. L

    Questions about 75th rangers or special forces

    So far I have spent my time chasing money and worked whatever job paid the most. I have finally figured out that people are right when they say that money cant buy happiness or fulfillment in life so I have decided to pursue something I've always wanted to do and try out for spec ops. I have...
  8. runninrunninrunnin

    SF K9 handler question

    Wondering what path a person, presumably fresh in the military or pre-contract civilian, would have to pursue in order to become a K9 handler on an ODA team. If even possible to chose that field without prior experience. Thanks.
  9. Roboscout 302

    For SOF candidates: What is your weekly training schedule look like?

    Good Morning guys, I currently have a SEAL challenge contract, scheduled to ship in December & I am wondering what do you SOF candidates do in your weekly routine. Currently this is what my schedule looks like: 1 long interval(fartlek) run & swim / short interval run & swim/ 1 long slow...
  10. Jefedesalto

    From RTFU Facebook Page. Hoot in BHD Recut!

    I love this recut