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Sep 8, 2006
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So that you can see the kind of trash I watch on a regular-ish basis. These are by category based on no particular order. (Some of these you can look up if I haven't linked ot them.)

Aviation. These guys have either great interviews or accident breakdowns.

Movies. This guy usually shits on movies, but is also fair and has positive reviews. He HATES the new Star Wars and Brie Larson. Honorable mention to CinemaSins.

Some AFSOC guys.

Destiny 2. These guys do great breakdowns or guides for some things. Aztec is entertaining, Datto is more clinical (he's math major in college I think). Honorable mention to Destiny Fun Police, SirDemetrious, Esoterickk, sidezz, Luckyy 10p, and Cheese Forever.

Bicycles. Mostly slopestyle, but also general mountain bike stuff. Red Bull Bike is another good channel. (working with Red Bull on a new project)

History: (Has other companion channels. He's a genuine historian with published works.) (He showcases lesser know bits of history.)

Cooking (Chinese at least. I've used a few of their recipes or tricks.)

These jumped out at me in my feed. Your mileage may of course always vary.

Unrleated side note: the ribeye I cooked tonight is bloody. I hope that doesn't bit me in the ass later.


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Sep 9, 2006
I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff, I can watch it all day.

To random strangers…

When I was in The Philippines, the giant mall across from the hotel had a huge grand piano in the main foyer on the first floor, open for anyone to play.

I was there for two months and no one messed with it. I kept thinking that if it was America, someone would have stolen it, broken a leg off of it, carved their initials into it, or taken a dump in the sound board.