1/10 info


Verified SOF
Mar 12, 2008
Just a few question for any 1/10 guys out there. I am heading to Stuttgart this summer and have been away from Group for the past 4 years. Looking for info on what optics/night vision is being used and if
the pistol used is still the POS 9mm Beretta? I have a week to shoot at the Army Marksmanship Unit and figured I had better shoot what is in Group as opposed to what I normally shoot. I am assuming that M4 is still issued not the 416? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

left Panzer in '00. Passed thru again in o4. lots of changes. If you want trigger time c-1-10 is the way to go. Be sure to check out Biddy Earlys Irish pub downtown Stuttgart on the Konigstrasse.