I’m Vulky


Apr 2, 2024
Hey I’m “Vulky”,

I’m 20 years old and am currently working as a lifeguard. It’s been my dream since I was probably about 5 - 6 years old to join the Navy, as my entire family is Navy and they’ve had a huge impact on my life. Around my Junior year of High School I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to NSW. However, when I spoke to a recruiter near graduation I was informed that because of my vision issues it probably would be possible. (See below)

Pre-Enlistment Uncommon Vision Concerns

I spent the next 2 years doing college because “it’s what your supposed to do” but was very unmotivated because it wasn’t what I wanted with my life. After my second semester doing nothing in college I decided enough is enough. I’ve decided now to put everything I have into getting a SO contract, and will be spending my next 8 months working on correcting my vision. My mindset is that if I make myself the perfect candidate and persist enough I’ll be able to overcome the vision issues. That may be delusional but I don’t think any great man hasn’t had to push the boundaries a bit.

I’d really appreciate any advice or experience to help me in my journey, and would love to work with someone in a mentor capacity even if it’s just someone to share my progress with. Currently trying to work on my CSS form, but it’s difficult trying to learn from just studying YouTube videos haha.

I’m really glad to have found this forum and am looking forward to having some good conversations!

ps. The attached pictures are me as a kid, but for privacy reasons I’ve blacked out my face.


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