11 Insurgents killed in direct attack on Firebase Anaconda



BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (Courtesy of CJTF-82 PAO, Aug. 30, 2007) – Elements of the 1st Brigade, 205th Afghan National Army Corps, along with Coalition forces, repelled a direct attack on Firebase Anaconda, Oruzgan Province, today.

Best PAO ever... she's mocked the Taliban in every news report I've seen her quoted in.

“After several failed attempts earlier in the month to attack Firebase Anaconda, with more than 70 dead insurgents to show for their efforts, we thought the Taliban had learned their lesson,” said Army Capt. Vanessa R. Bowman, a Combined Joint Task Force- 82 spokeswoman. “This engagement was yet another blow to the Al Qaeda and Taliban extremist fighters attempting to operate in Afghanistan.”
This is the second failed direct attack on Bagram that I've heard of in the past month or so. The Taliban has taken significant casualties in both, with minimal losses on our part. What the heck are the TAQ's trying to do? :confused: