Thank you for doing this. There are many people from the site who are deployed right now, care packages is a great way to give back.

Many of you who are deployed might have an attitude like I had- "I don't need a care package, send it to someone else." I would encourage you to add your name to the list of possible recipients for the following reasons:

1) many people don't know anyone who is currently deployed. Members of this site may be the only way people with a genuine desire to give back to the military community can do so.
2) this type of thing is a genuine effort to "support the troops" that is much more tangible than slapping a bumper sticker on one's car.
3) take the package. Even if you don't want it, chances are someone in your unit could use it. The way we did it was whenever someone got a package, they would open it up to make sure there was nothing "personal" in it (yeah, that happens sometimes :-/) and then put it out in the common area, where a feeding frenzy would ensue. If your unit doesn't want it, give it to your Chaplain. Forward the contents on to the folks who interact with local nationals or TCNs.
4) even if you don't need, don't want, and think you can't use a box of goodies, getting mail of any time is a huge morale booster. It's good to know that the American people haven't forgotten about us.

Bottom line, either you or someone in physical proximity could use this stuff. So take it, already. If you have concerns about PERSEC, PM me or one of the other mods and we'll get the address to people who want to send packages without associating your username here on the site to the address on the package. And no matter how "ninja-ranger-CIA" your job is, your OCONUS mailing address is UNCLASS.
I'm totally down for this idea. I was on the receiving end of such largesse while I was still in, and would love to return the favor.
A bump for those who have no seen it.

I've sent out 2 already that got to A-Stan in less than 2 weeks.
I did not see this.

So I've been around for forever. I've supported "regular Joes" and entire SF teams, some of whom are on this site. If you are in to it, PM me. I consider it a priviledge to support those standing the line by sending packages overseas.
I'd be interested in sending out a few care packages for our deployed guys once I get back to CONUS.

Great thread idea OP. :thumbsup:
A bump for those who have not seen it. I am sure there are those deployed who may have missed this.

I have sent out 2 already with success.
Ask Mara, Free, and a few others about epic care packages.... Free got "Anti Monkey Butt Powder" and afew have gotten pink army men, bacon band aids, Last Supper After Dinner Mints, emergency underwear.... oh, and some pretty awesome homemade cookies...

Send an addy, take your chances... Free we haven't heard from Rufus and TJ lately, are they ok?
Okay, just got back Stateside. If anyone on here needs a care package sent their way, PM me and it will go out mid-week.