160th SOAR(A) helos presentation (vids):

Yes, I know its on YouTube, but still...

Is it the smartest idea to post video #2 on here since it very explicit states at the beginning it is FOUO and only authorized for release to 160th members??
Ive seen alot of actual govt owned/run websites that have has U//FOUO videos on their site. Im guessing they didnt want to refilm it with a classification removal, then again you get some people that just throw that on there for ha ha's, playing to Metallica in the background lol.
Ive been out for 16 yrs and I don't talk about the highspeed stuff too much. Im still don't want to comprimise OPSEC.:uhh:

Even after a certain movie came out, I still don't talk about certain people, places, and units.:-x

OPSEC above all.:) <<<<-----Im hidden, can you see me?
hey dude, check your code. You have that listed as 586dfa4d1bc0e1742c08. It should be a small number as the video , like number 32 or something.