Marine Corps deactivates F-18 training squadron

This makes me a little sad. I have seen them do away with the F-4, the A-4, the A-6, the OV-10. My youth was filled with great aircraft of a bygone era.

At the Duke football game they had a Harrier fly-over from VMA-231, probably the last time I will see Harriers in flight.

Marine Corps deactivates its squadron for training F/A-18 pilots.

And keeping their C/D models long after the Navy replaced theirs, all to fund the F-35. Those will be some tired, tired planes when they finally go to the Boneyard. I would not want to be a Marine Hornet maintainer or maintenance officer.
I saw them, flew over my house the other day.

They fly em around Cherry point all day every day.

We don't get down that way very much anymore, unfortunately. They have two squadrons left, one is to be transitioned to the F-35 next year, the other the year after.