75th Ranger/Soar Med Support?


Jul 18, 2019
Hi, wanted to ask a question too any Army Spec Ops on the forum. I understand that in AF and Navy spec ops the role of medical support personel is strictly separated from the operational aspect (Maybe not so much for SOST). However, would I be correct in assuming that the Army provides more opportunities for PA’s, MD, etc. to be more heavily involved in combat operations. For example a PA Andrew Fisher mentions, As a Ranger, Fisher said he had opportunities in areas where PAs typically don't participate. He said he was considered a Ranger first and a PA second. He participated in night raids during the surge, where he and others infiltrated heavily entrenched enemy positions at night to clear the way for friendlies to come in later.” I have heard similar stories involving SOAR flight surgeons and noticed that many MD’s in the 75th refer to themselves as rangers, is any of this accurate. Best, Garry