A good story


Bionic SSSO1 plank owner
Aug 14, 2006
I’d like to share a story that Adm. Joe Maguire told at the benefit I went to last week. I’m sorry in advance if some of my terminology is incorrect.

He told the story that many of you know about the four SEALs in Afghanistan that came under heavy fire on June 28, 2005. They called for backup. A helo with 8 more SEALs and several other spec ops personal came to their aid, but the helo went down and all on board were killed.

Only one of the original SEALs on the ground survived. He had been hit with a rocket-propelled grenade and was blown a ways down the mountain. He was badly wounded, but managed to evade the enemy for three days before he was pick up. Adm. Maguire visited him in the hospital while he recovered and the man said he was determined to get back to Afghanistan.

Several months pass and he was ready to go back. The admiral told him that he didn’t have to go, that no one would think less of him. Apparently, his injuries were such that when he had his body armor on, he couldn’t feel his feet and his legs were pins and needles numb. This SEAL told the admiral that he had to get back to his ‘brothers’.

Several more months past and another group of SEALs get into a battle and two of them were critically wounded. Again, the admiral goes to the hospital and visits the wounded. He said that he couldn’t believe that one of them was still alive, so severe were his wounds. It was clear to him that the only reason these men were alive was because of the exceptional care they received from the two SEAL corpsmen while the bullets and explosions went off around them. He called the unit to find out the names of the corpsmen so that he could commend them. One of the men was the sole survivor of the June 28th fight.

Let me tell you, I had goose bumps when he finished that story.
Wow. Kind of reminds me of Thornton and Norris from Vietnam.

Thank you for sharing that, D.