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SOF Support
Sep 8, 2006
I'm going to summarize a general consensus of the forum's staff. I'm doing this unilaterally, so while the message reflects the mood of the staff, the delivery is 100% on me.

Have y'all lost your fucking minds?!

The planet is choked with emotion right now. CV-19, politics, BLM/ race relations, law enforcement, Left vs. Right...we get it, we really do. You're passionate, it means a lot to you. We get it, we're no different, we're all people here and we're all peers. At the end of the day our red tag "authority", "power", call it what you want, extends no further than this forum's digital footprint. We're all equal.

So why in the hell are a number of you dropping personal attacks on others??? Passive aggressive bullshit. Borderline racist comments. Some misogyny here and there. Is this a reflection of our turbulent times or that maybe some of us aren't as virtuous as we think we are?

Full disclosure, even the staff have traded jabs over this shit. It is wearing on us, your bullshit behavior. While a small minority are the problem their reach infects the rest of the board. I have a job where I can hang out here as much as I want for 12 hours a day. Others on staff are not in this boat. Some of us are staying up, foregoing personal time, to moderate this forum all because some of you don't know how to behave. As adults. As professionals.

Some of you complain about staff over reach, power trips, and the like. We get that. We make mistakes at times, no doubt. Have some of y'all looked at the big picture though? If you haven't, please re-read this post. Some of you are just fucking up that bad and ruining it for the rest of us. We aren't perfect, you aren't perfect, no one's perfect, so please take a step back and think about what you're doing.

Me, personally, A-dub the admin, I am really close to going hard in the paint with the staff to argue a zero tolerance "hammer early, hammer often" policy on personal attacks. No soft or temp bans, perma-hammer. Using a nuke for CAS. A shotgun to kill a mouse. Burn the house down over a spider. Killing a few so the survivors can learn.

So, please, knock it the fuck off.

And as always, if you have an issue with this post, you can report it (I'll see your complaint) or directly PM other members of the staff. I'm onboard with those options because again, I'm not perfect.

But this behavior has to stop.
Not open for further replies.