A tribute to a fallen warrior - by our own Ravage

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Ok Ravage, I thought this needed to be shared, hate me if you want.

Here is my response and the original pm from our own Polish Fly-Boy (edited for OPSEC):

Amazing work! Contact Mr. [edited], ASAP, give him permission to use the youtube, or zip your original video, and e-mail him a copy. Don't cut yourslef short, you're not just "...a kid for Christ sake." Look at the people who count you as a friend, and yes, a source of amusement occasionally, on this board. You've earned this. Let the family of this fallen warrior use what you have created to honor their son. It's a great accomplishment. Congratulations.

Originally Posted by Ravage

I would like to ask you for advice on a surtent matter. When I heard about the result of operation "Red Wing" I've made a video:

Today I've got this message on my YT account:

I saw your tribute to my son, Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy. Please contact me through Navy Special Operations Command in San Diego or at my e-mail {edited} and indicate who you are. We are having a dedication ceremony to all the boys in Operation Red Wing at my son's park at Lake Ronkonkoma (Nany SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Park) and I'd love to arrange to show this tribute to the boys during the dedication ceremony.... can I get a copy of this or arrange to get a hard copy to play at the ceremony... Thanks.. {edited}

what should I do ? I mean I am deeply honored but this, this is just so above and beyond me. I'm a kid for Christ sake, and this video will be shown as a tribute to a great hero.
That was very moving Ravage..and very well done. Thanks for making that excellent video.
I've met the Mr. M several times and he's a wonderful man. I think it's really cool that he reached out to you like that.

You should feel very honored, Ravage! Great job! :cool:
Could you please ask on what date the dedication will be? I'd like to attend.
I'm honored you're a part of this community, Ravage. You do our military proud.

Congrats on getting noticed this way, you should be proud of your talents.

Ravage I'm am proud of you mate!

This is a big deal, be proud, be humble.

If I'm in the AO of this service I'd like to attend as well.