Special Forces
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Apr 11, 2010
monterey, ca
AF Security really got pissed at some B-36 guys at the "Thunderbird" O-club at TSN one night. About 10 of us were invited to drink at their bar. We were all dressed in tiger suits with no insignia and the 0-6 Squadron Commander came up to Bob Lunday (Major) and asked him to become an honorary "Thunderbird".

Bob asked him how he could do that and the Sqd Cmdr replied by telling Bob that all he had to do was to drink a "Thunderbird" drink with him. Lunday agreed and the bartender reached under the bar and came up with a "Thunder-Mug" to drink the "Thunderbird" drink out of. The bartender asked Bob what he wanted to drink and Lundy replied "Scotch & water". The bartender then filled the "Thunder-Mug" with a fifth of Cuttysark and a shot glass of water.

All was going good until the AF Colonel spotted Lunday's Beret in his pocket, and started ribbing Bob about wearing "A Girl Scout Hat". Lunday told the Colonel that you had to be a real man to be able to wear that kind of a hat and that it was obvious to him that an AF Puke couldn't pull it off!

Eventually, Lunday got the Colonel to try on his beret. When the AF Officer had it squarely on his head, Bob reached up and rang the bell which had a sign that said "He who wears a hat in here, buys the bar a round of cheer".

The fight was on and the club officer called the APs to come to the club to put down the fighting.