Air Force Cross, DFC's Awarded


SOF Support
Sep 8, 2006
Yeah...holy shit:

Hunter expended all AC-130U point-detonate 105-mm rounds, with only eight airburst rounds remaining. With the enemy element closing on the ground forces, the aircrew was able to stabilize the aircraft and fire an airburst round, typically used in open fields, at an unprecedented 12 meters from friendly forces, annihilating the insurgents.

“At this point, [the team] is dragging [casualties] down the alleyway while still returning fire, and we’re using all of our weapons on the aircraft to destroy fighting positions and buildings … all within about 12 meters of Staff Sgt. Hunter,” said Maj. Alexander Hill, aircraft commander of Spooky 43. “We told Hunter to put his head down, and we fired closer than I think anyone’s ever fired an air-burst round.”

Great job to all involved. Trapped in an alley with at least four casualties and your salvation involves a 105mm shell within 40 feet of your position? Yet people wonder why training standards matter.
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