'Alive Day Memories'

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May 20, 2007
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This was on after 'GK': (bring kleenex-James Gandolfini did and used them, too)


[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mstpgpe070U"]YouTube - Alive Day Memories - Brian Williams & James Gandolfini[/ame]


In a war that has left more than 25,000 wounded, ALIVE DAY MEMORIES: HOME FROM IRAQ looks at a new generation of veterans. Executive Producer James Gandolfini interviews ten Soldiers and Marines who reveal their feelings on their future, their severe disabilities and their devotion to America. The documentary surveys the physical and emotional cost of war through memories of their "alive day," the day they narrowly escaped death in Iraq.

Wish I had HBO... Looks like someone in Hollywood is doing something the right way for the right reason.
I've seen this a couple of times on HBO. Well worth the time and James Gandolfini is gracious in his time with these veterans. He alway's corrected them when they said "thank you" to him by saying "NO!, thank you for your sacrifice"

He's gets my thumbs up for this show.

Great stuff. Hero's all !!
Great post. Thanks, bro. I've been trying to catch this, but keep missing it.

Outta Kleenex - into the paper towels....
Wow. Thanks, Mr. Gandolfini for not forgetting these people and for trying to make sure the rest of us don't forget them.

Excellent post, RB.
;) Thanks. I'll take a look.

Unfortunately, I took a look, and probably cursed your chances of seeing it on TV. :p Can't find anything about it on tmn.ca, but I'm sure it will come back.

Might have to rent this one in the meantime though.
Much respect to JG for doing this and showing the stories of our people.

Most importantly, Thank you to the Vets who sacrificed so much for us all!