Ammo Reloading

Not too worried, we don't have them anymore, they disappeared in one move or another (guess I sould have said were). They also were loaded following the "book recommendations". Nothing in our guns would be changed anyway, they are carry guns not race guns. HK's will shoot pretty much anything, and carry ammo is always over the counter ammo.
Hollis, where is your Thumbler B? That and the SS media is the best additions to reloading since the press.
Hollis, where is your Thumbler B? That and the SS media is the best additions to reloading since the press.

I have one tumbler and two vibrator cleaners. They are off to the left and on a table, not the bench. You can see a black one, it is in front of the Lyman and the rotary tumbler. Rotary tumbler is great for cleaning loaded ammo, the vibrator cleaners are not recommended. From what I heard, they can mess up the powder burn rate.
So you haven't migrated to stainless steel media. It is the schizzle. Others do it differently, but I deprime, neck size, trim, and then drop them in the thumbler with dash of lemishine and a teaspoon of dawn. As soon as they're dry, they're ready to load. Primers pockets and inside look brandy new, it cuts down my reloading time a bunch.

It turns these

into this

The thumber B, it does about 100 .308's or 150 .223's at a time. They make a bigger one, but it's out of my price range.
yep, I have a tumbler by that manufacturer. I don't let my brass get that bad. Thanks for the forumla. I'll give it a try. Sound like a good answer for blackpowder residue. Again, thanks for the heads up.
Reloading some 35gr Inceptor frangibles. Great rounds for CQ rifle training with steel targets. I can even get some 2” groups at 100 yards with them.

Load data in picture is good, if anyone is interested.

I started reloading when I was 13. I shot a ton back then. Now I barely shoot 50 rounds a year. In reloading for it to be worth while you really have to shoot quite often or you will find the 1000 dollars you invest in equipment not to be worthwhile.

That being said the best place to shop for reloading gear and components is MidwayUSA and Brownells.

Also it really is a fun and rewarding hobby.