Another new face


Jan 30, 2011
Currently a medic. Prior PSYOP background. Puget Sound native. Older than most, but still have very high goals as to where I want to go, what unit I want to become a part of come hell or high-water. Found this board while looking for the little bit of information that is actually out. Will post what I can, when I can about the process to help others. Seems only right as I'm combing the forums for all the info I can get.

Intro block checked.
There is no spoon, there is no Troll...

There is no welcome...
Waves from the Puget Sound region - we gots no rain all this week! A persistent rumor there will be sunshine!

Thanks for all the welcomes. Medicine-man: As all medics with that glimmer in their eye, I want to soar with the best of them. Love for helicopters, small teams, and cutting edge trauma... Didn't mean to be purposefully vague or mysterious, just didn't want to be spamming and drawing fire.