Any Advice? Ex-1st Batt Ranger looking to go to BUDS

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Hello all.... I'm 23 years old just got out of 1st Ranger Batt. Racked up some deployments and got out. I worked closely with some of the "Teams" overseas and really enjoyed the experience. I moved out to California to train for the UFC for about a year with the gracies and some other fighters but I started getting "the itch" to go back into the service. I have always really wanted to go to BUDS but my father being an army guy encouraged me to go to Ranger Batt. I loved it but I'm looking for a change... I'm looking for a little advice or insight as to what to expect. I feel like my PT is pretty solid but I'm still working on getting it back to what it was. Right now if I had to guess.... 12:00 min. 2 Mile. 70 push ups 2 min. 85 to 100 sit ups 16 pull ups from a dead hang. Typical shit. Not sure of my 500m swim but I'm a pretty strong swimmer and think I could do it in 10:00 mins. or less. So if anybody could help me with how exactly things would work for me especially due to the fact that I'm prior service I'd greatly appreciate it. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME I HAVE TO GO THROUGH AIRBORNE AGAIN!!!! hahahaha I'm leaving my e-mail address and hope to hear from some of you guys soon..... Thanks again.

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I'm sure somebody with some Navy or BUD/S experience will be able to give you more info, but you've got 2 things going for you right off the bat: Your age and your prior military experience, especially in a SOF environment. As long as you can break with your past, and the Army way of doing things, you'd probably have a better chance than most.

You should talk to a local Navy recruiter, I understand they've got a pipeline that runs right through the Great Lakes Training Center for guys that enlist specifically for a shot at that training. A qualified SEAL is actually on location there to prepare the recruits for what awaits them in San Diego.

Good luck.

So you finally decided you wanted to be a real member of SOF:) Just kidding. You batt boys are a special breed. There have been a few guys from the Ranger Regiment who have turned in their Army green for Navy blue and have been real assets to the teams. Vice versa as well, there was a 90s era frog who was with 1/75 post 9/11 so it works both ways.

The teams are in the midst of a huge recruiting drive right now as NSW is looking to increase the manpower in the teams. NSW has bulked up its recruiting efforts 10x from when I was in. The Navy has hired on a large number of retired SEALs to work as motivator in the recruiting districts around the country. They deal specifically in bringing guys along who are interested in careers in specwar. The contact info for these dudes is open source as is the PT requirements for the screening test. You should be able to find that stuff at the Navy SEALs recruiting web page.

As for airborne school, when I was at the schoolhouse, guys who already had their jump wings didn't get the 'privledge' of having to go back to Benning. Of course this was the early to mid 90s. I don't know how it is now.

Either way, good luck & don't quit.

23, just out of Batt, training for UFC, looking to go BUDS....

I concur with Harry - oh to be 23 again!

Good luck Bro.

XSFMED - pass me some of that geritol when your finished.
I still feel young, but I'm sure that's just my brain deceiving my body.
Oh hell yeah! What I wouldn't give to be 23 one more time...

All the best to you on your quest to go blue from green gracie...
23, that was ?? years ago, oh, shit... Car, can I borrow some of your Geritol?

Drive on, each day is a new target, if it's fated it will happen.

Good lord! When I was 23, I was working with RetPara and he was an old guy.
To ex-Ranger, IMHO

Y'know what they say about opinions...I recall being in your shoes. 23 years young, having recently returned 'Stateside, off a six-monther, spent, it seemed, mostly cutting circles in the Eastern end of the Med', off Lebanon. I said so long to my ol' UDT platoon. A buddy and I had a plan to go to work commercial diving in the oil field. This was accomplished in short order, via a couple good tech courses to buff up those resumes (welding, EMT). Spent the next three years hopping in/out of those parts of the globe where oil's found, Persian Gulf, G. of Mexico, North Sea. Made some good $$, paid a lot of taxes. Then, the USG, in its infinite political/environmental wisdom, declared a moratorium on exploration within the US outer continental shelf (To save our domestic reserves and buy cheap oil from the Saudis and others). So it is, to this day, what's being debated ad nauseum in Congress. Suddenly, many divers found themselves on the beach like never before. I got restless, at a decision point. Door A: return to school on the GI Bill, earn my BS degree, with the long-term goal of returning to the military via OCS. Door B: tie the knot with my sweetie, and re-up. I chose Door B. With that, many years later I have two wonderful kids, three adorable grand-kids, and that's all good. Still, in hindsight, school's a suggestion you may want to give some thought to. Yeah, I finally earned that degree...twenty years later. By then, of no use for negotiating a deal with the recruiter.
To ex-Ranger, IMHO

OBTW, Any way you cut it, return to active service and career was good, personally rewarding. My Navy Brat kids spent their early years in some interesting places, which they now actually look back on with some gratitude.
To ex-Ranger, IMHO

One more thing, I always had a good impression of the Rangers with whom I worked. If you've got the right motivation, then you'd likely be an asset to the community.
swim, swim, swim.
ps- no more airborne their is a straight freefall pipeline
pm if you need more info