lost a member

RIP Ranger Garbs. My condolences to the members of B Company, and Ryan Garb's family and friends back at home.

Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice to our country...
He joined (the site) when he was in his teens and the board watched as he progressed.

Just sucks.

Valman (a former mentee of mine and now 2/75) went through OSUT, BAC and RIP together, was the one who notified us. Not much older than he was, and hit very hard for him I'm sure.

Rest easy Ranger.

Valhalla has you now.

Coming out of my hide for this.....

Sorry for your loss Rangers.

Also on board that Helo, was an ex-roommate of mine.....Pararescueman Scott Duffman.

Duff was a good kid. He had just come out of PJ training and was assigned to the 23rd, with my little Brother, at Hurbbie, in FWB. After I bought my brother's townhouse, when he was leaving for his new duty assignment in England, Duff roomed at my place for a couple of months, while he got adjusted to the area.

I ran into Duff again, at my brother's graduation from OCS, 5 years ago. Much beer was drank/drunk and many memories shared.

Duff was good man, and will be missed, as with all that lost their lives that day.
R.I.P. Ranger. You will never be forgotten. It's heartbreaking! He was a good Dep/Ranger.