Army Medic prepping for SFAS


Mar 12, 2019
Lower-enlisted AD Army Medic (a little over a year in) with 18D (SF Medical Sergeant) aspirations. Not very original, I know. But yeah I joined the Army at 23 cus I hated my corporate job, and I wanted something with real world significance and a truly valuable human impact. I wanted to be physically and intellectually brought to my limit, but an 18X contract looked stupid without first developing a solid, technical base as a soldier and as a medic by spending time in a unit.

I'm sure it was harder when y'all went thru, but Basic Training and AIT felt like a joke. I'm not looking to go SF cus I wanna be cool, or because I have something to prove. It's because I know I could do it. And because it's the only thing I wanna do. Selection, Land Nav, SUT, SOCM, etc, all that stuff looks incredibly difficult, but it can all obviously be done. My biggest fear isn't quitting, it's getting injured and being forced to leave the Army with a MEB, never getting the chance to try again.

Gotta be honest, I don't plan on posting ever. I'm still new and really just here to sit and listen to the men talk.