Army New Mountain Combat Boots

Those boots look nice, but they look more like casual boots rather than combat boots. They do not go with the multicam either! More like a pair you would wear around for everyday use with a pair designer denim jeans.

Expensive enough too.
That's a pretty specific attachment device which seems overly built to hold a flashlight. The vest appears to be new and worn for display purposes only....hmmm? I don't know, but I like Pardus' answer
Its a Tomahawk angled flashlight and they are damned expensive...too expensive for what they are/do.

Had one given to me at SOMA 2009, used it a couple times but then gave it away. It ook up too much space and was too finicky for my liking. I will stick to my Petzl headlamp thank you...
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo back to the boot's, anyone used them? Wondering how they feel, work and if they hold up well. X SF I am not buying them brother a buddy of mine has 2 pair in my size and offered me a pair. I don't want him to waste the time and money on shipping if they are crap. He has yet to wear them b/c his CoC won't allow them to wear anything but the normal tan stuff even though the whole btn has been issued them.