Army Permits Turbans, Hijabs, and Beards in Uniform

I cannot wait for the double standards thing to be addressed!
I should run for Congress and push the issue. Along with a few others! }:-)
On a philosophical level, I think this is awesome. We are a multi cultural and multi ethnic society, and I think the Army is right to make these changes to make it easier for people from minority ethnic and religious backgrounds to serve. It's like saying "hey we know you want to serve so we will meet you half way."

Tan beret, tan Turban- still tan, same DUI.
Have you ever seen black female hair that hasn't been chemically straightened? If you have you will know that it doesn't just work like more "fine-haired" women's hair. The best way for a black woman (probably) to get her hair within regulation would be something like this:

aka corn rows. Otherwise, without using chemicals it would be poofy and well out of regulation and "unprofessional".

If you think it's a cultural point on how black hair works and not science then I would love to see white women's hair magically go into an afro. Since it's just culture and all.

- There are plenty of black females whose hair can go into a regular bun and that's great. This rule seems to just acknowledge there are different hair types and this way helps keep the force looking professional.
Didn't realize that curly hair had to be treated chemically, that's no fun. I dunno, I just figure if guys have to get a haircut every Friday/Sunday, females shouldn't get special treatment. Now that I think about it, female hair care is expensive. My the ex's saloon bill would be at least 60-100USD, paying that four times a month would be crazy. I'll just stick to my lane from now on.:zzz:
The Sikhs are some of the fiercest warriors through history and they served proudly in India and the U.K. I'm glad to see this rule change.

I am late to this message board and I apologize if this is not okay to comment on this but I just wanted to say as a former 11Bravo and practicing Sikh while I was in the whole time I really appreciate your kind words. I plan to one day don a Green Turban one day. Thank you
I do have a deep appreciation of the Sikhs, having worked with a couple who where border guards & former Indian army officers. I hope you realize you dreams.

Thank you for your kind words. Honestly it’s our Warrior culture that inspires us to serve in the Military no matter where we go in the world. We feel theirs nothing more honorable than to give your life for another brother in Arms.