Army wants combat arms officers to transfer to support jobs

Speaking from the CS and CSS side of things as an enlisted, some of the very best and well motivated units that I had the opportunity to be in were commanded by former infantry officers. This includes not just company but also battalion level as well.

So for the combat speed version if you want to be supported by a unit that has a surprising amount of fit, skilled, and not only in their MOS but on the tactical side as well then you'd embrace this.

However if you are against this then you get units like the 507th being led by a soup sandwich, totally oblivious to the state of the unit's mission readiness, morale, and it's equipment and getting it's butt kicked in by mil that aren't even a near peer.

While it sucks to be told or coerced to switch branches, the plus side is that WE (A team of teams supporting the bigger picture with a thankless job) are getting meat eaters commanding plant eaters who think that it's more important to crank wrenches, issuing chemlights, trained to time instead of training to standard, is fine with the bare minimum for both PT and quals, and has more priority with EO and sexual harassment training than actual training that supports their METL. That CA is going to be doing alpha things real quick to un F them and it's an Army tradition or supposed to be, with leaving somewhere a better place than what it was when you arrived.

I honestly cannot see this as being a bad thing although I do understand.
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