Enlistment but… citizenship


Sep 7, 2019
Bay Area, California
I’m posting this here as a follow up to a topic one of the SOF mentors and I were talking about that is a big blocker for me.

Currently 28 (29 on may), single no family obligations.

My question is in terms of enlisting while being a Permanent resident and then setting myself up for a solid chance at a SF unit.

Most of my reading points as the army the best option.

my research shows that first you must obviously do basic, and then afterwards (I believe) you can send a N400 packet to naturalize (I already have a packed submitted however as a PR)

Pending how long the Packet takes processing become a citizen takes after boot camp/AIT (or before) where would I be in that process both AD or National Guard?

My question is because I may be in limbo while I wait for the Citizenship + Background check or what not?

I want to know what best Jobs I can get into the Army/AF/Marines/Navy with if I am not a citizen (because I know I am restricted to the jobs when not a citizen for obvious security reasons)

I ask because I want to utilize the time I wait in the military branch I choose to better prepare me as much as possible for Selection (whatever course it may be) as well as try to set myself up for the best opportunity without staying in a MOS that won’t align in the future
I checked out a list of all the Army MOS jobs for non-citizens and the only ones that stood out relevant were 11B (infantry) and Combat Engineer and Diver:
Here Is a Look at Army Jobs That Can Be Performed By Non-US Citizens

For Marine Rifleman and Combat Engineer seemed relelvant:
Jobs for Non-Citizens in the Marine Corps

However, I am not sure if they are as helpful in helping with citizenship? That link above shows perhaps dated information that can only apply for citizenship after 3 years

USCIS website shows I can submit a n400 packet as soon as 1 day during times of hostility which shows as we are currently in:
Naturalization Through Military Service | USCIS

Airforce has no relevant jobs (likely be in a job that does not transfer into relevancy for SF career paths in terms of a career not wanted in order to jump to PJs):
What Air Force jobs are available to non-citizens? | AFBMT | US Air Force BMT Tips & Information

And Navy only one seems relevant might be Corpsman:
Learn About US Navy Jobs that Do Not Require US Citizenship

Do you guys have any input at which branch will provide the best opportunity and process to place my citizenship en route?

While I submit that packet to USCIS I would likely need to wait for however long while waiting for citizenship, or can I do the SFRE for NG SOF and then wait until approved to go to SFAS?

Thanks all.