Aspiring Soldier.

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Apr 19, 2010

Nice to meet all of you. I am 21, finished with an associates program in general business. I considered continuing college, but joining the military is something I want to do. I am currently trying to decide between trying out for Rangers, Special Forces, and Navy Seals. I look foward to reading all of the information you have to offer and would like to thank you for service to our Country.

Are you more comfortable in the mud or the suds?

We;colme aboard!
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

RB, will read and heed. I will be sure to search before I ask any questions.

Car, while I enjoy a good swim like anyone, at the moment I am leaning to wading through the mud.
Y'know, the Marines have high speed low drag dudes, too. Just sayin.

KnifeHawk reminds me of Taladega Night's where Will Farell is doing the commercial for the "Jack Hawk 9000" }:-)

Welcome to ShadowSpear KnifeHawk! ;)
7point62, I was under the impression that you could not get a "Force Recon" Contract, like you could with SEALs, the 18X SF, or the Option 40 Rangers. I now see that you can get the chance at Force Recon with UZ. Excellent, another option get to look into and consider :p:

J.A.B. That is an awesome looking knife too.

x SF med, I am not a hawk, Nor a knife. I do own a couple knives, and I am an admirer of Hawks. Also, I found this awesome avatar picture of a Hawk holding the knife in it's beak. It was either this, or "businesgrad69". I think I made the right choice.

Trip_Wire, I had briefly considered Pararescue, and while their duty is extremely important, I was looking for something more hands on. I do love jumping out of perfectly good planes though, which is why I was looking at the Rangers.
Not open for further replies.