Best of the 80s (song edition)

I was in Costa Rica for a few months in '86 and hooked up with some ex-pats who were regulars at a bar called the Soda Palace in San Juan. Lawyers Guns and Money wasn't a song to them, it was an anthem.
Warren Zevon, and Cyndi Lauper were nominated for the RnR Hall of Fame this year and I think they should've made it over several of those who actually made it in.They both got snubbed.
My oldest daughter is in college and is an amazing musician and singer. So naturally she's in her school's Glee Club.

For the upcoming year their big singing event, they're doing "Hits of the 80s." As someone who graduated from high school in 1990, I feel that I am imminently qualified to help come up with the song she should do, something that would be fun and highlight her singing ability.

My youngest daughter, who is also a great singer and who was clearly raised right by her parents, suggested the song "Maneater." My oldest daughter, who must have been raised by uncultured knaves, to my undying shame replied "Nah, I don't know Madonna."

Um... Madonna--> Maneater? Clearly once again I have failed as a parent.

So given my inability to properly educate my firstborn into the joys of 80s music, and given that perennial favorites of mine like NWA and Public Enemy might not suit her vocal range, does anyone have suggestions for what a highly-talented young singer might do for an 80s song in a big Glee show?
Based on what you've said she is good at...

Solo (w or w/o backers): "Take My Breath Away" "Manic Monday" "Heaven is a Place on Earth"
Bonus points if she wants to hit Gens X through Z due to recent TV?: "Running Up That Hill"

Group song, esp. if her club has a range of singing styles: "We Are The World"