Best place for a HUMINT/CI IS to do direct support in the navy: SRT, DEVGRU, NEIC?

Do you know if IS are forsure doing direct combat support at DEVGRU and NSW? I've heard mixed things from people in the community which as been disheartening. I know there is of course a lot of desk work as an intel guy which I'm fine with but I also want to get out beyond the wire and conduct real world collection

It took me a bit before I responded because I wanted to ensure I got my words right. I was on a red eye and I am way undercaffeinated.

Do I know "for sure" about "direct combat support?" The short answer is yes, and no. All of these groups will incorporate 'support specialists' in a variety of tasking and missions outside the wire and in forward locales. What they might do today, they may not do tomorrow. In most any case*, you would not be kicking in doors. Your value lay elsewhere. But beyond the wire? There are opportunities, but probably not proliferous opportunity. Mileage may vary.

*I never say 'always' and 'never'