Best Sling ever: Savvy Sniper

That is the shit!!!

Any chance to get a sample?? I can get you some sold, guaranteed.


ETA: had to watch it again. I cannot think of a downside. Friggin awesome piece of kit.
Hey I wish I could give everyone a T&E, but Papa's gotta feed the hungry mouths! No padded version but there is a section of bungy to reduce the felt weight of your weapon.


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We also have a version with QD Swivels if you prefer those. Do you have a QD swivel mount in the front? If so I would recommend the QD swivel version, it's $10 more, but then you eliminate the need to purchase a front sling out to be less expensive.

For anyone using the HK snap hook sling, I STRONGLY urge you to use a hard (Non-swivel) front sling loop with this sling. I use the Midwest Industries and it is very good.
Looks like a solid piece of kit. 1st thing i'd do is swap the fast-tech buckle with a cobra buckle. I'm sure most of us have had run-ins with cold weather and broken fast techs
The designer and manufacturer of this sling has a video on his website of him rappelling off a tower using this buckle to suspend him...that being said, it's hard to argue your point metal vs plastic.

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Ive been using the Savvy Sniper sling since this thread put me onto it.

I have had two problems with the sling. First, the HK hook failed during a movement when I wasn't holding the rifle in my hands. The rifle took a nose dive in the dirt. Not a happy camper. I used a multitool to straighten the bent part of the hook out, it works but is always threatening to pop off again. I think this is a fault of the hook rather than the sling itself.
In hindsight I would go with the QD mount if I could do it over again.

Second, the adjustment part of the sling, it is a great design with nothing dangling down. However, it doesn't have enough adjustment, I cannot tighten my rifle to my chest. It's always bouncing off me and getting in the way, a constant frustration.

Just my .02c

My brother got me that sling as a pre-deployment gift. Used it at PMT and I am highly impressed! Well done! I am excited to continue beating up the sling downrange.