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C/1/19th SFG(A)
Verified SOF
Mar 16, 2009
I have been a quiet observer for some time. I thought it was about time that I provided an introduction. I was an 18X in 1983 and went to B Co., 1st Bn., 7th SF. Due to the overabundance of 11B's and then 18B's when we went to the 18 series, I spent a short time working in the S-2 waiting for a team slot. After going back to 18C course, I was then assigned to 722 and spent the remainder of my time in 7th with that team. In the last 80's I left active and did a short stint with 12th out of Lubbock, TX and finally got out completely. I spent the next 17 years with the Abilene (TX) Police Department working on the SWAT Team and EOD Unit. When 19th Group moved C Co., 5th Bn., to San Antonio the company SGM was able to talk me into returning so after about an 18 year hiatus and with about 15 minutes jump refresher they threw me out of a C-130.

83 - 84 (S-2) 1st Bn., 7th (Too many 11B's at that time)
84 - 87 ODA 722
87 - 89 12th (Lubbock, TX)
89 - Current Abilene (TX) Police Dept. - SWAT team since 93, currently entry
team leader. EOD since 98 currently senior bomb technician
07 - Current ODA 9534 C/5/19th SF
I think I probably had a beer with the guy who recruited you in San Antone.

15 minute refresher......Sweet! Did that once or twice.

Welcome aboard!
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