Book: Making the Corps


Kurt V

How many of you Jarheads have read this book by Thomas Ricks? I first read it back in 1997 when it came out and just finished it again last night. A great book on Boot Camp at Parris Island. It even has a chapter on a few of the Marines that made it and a few recruits that didn't. I would highly recommend it even if you aren't a Marine.
I read it. Thought it was pretty good. I think having a reporter in their midst changed the platoon dynamics, but it may have just been the fact that I went to boot camp so long ago...
0699, I'm trying to make out which ANGLICO unit you are with.

I just got done checking in with 3rd ANGLICO and waiting for my orders to Ft Sill.

Formerly with Wpns Co 2/5.
I'm with 2D. It's hard to see the logo as I had to really shrink it down to fit...

Are you changing to 0861?