Britain's New Sniper Rifle (L115A3)


Verified Military
Verified Military
Oct 24, 2006

Although I haven't handled the weapon, the people who have say that working the action (the main issue with a bull pup from my perspective) is easily done.

On the plus side for a military sniper role, you get standard barrel lengths in a more compact package. Also, you can change calibers with in the same weapon system without sending it to the armorer.

[ame=""]YouTube - DT SRS Barrel Conversion[/ame]
Very cool with the caliber change, I want to see someone shooting it though to see the movement needed to use the bolt.
OK just watched this clip, the bolt change doesnt seem too bad actually, though I'd like to get a Sniper's opinion on that though.

Watch very carefully at the 14 sec mark, there will be a test of observsation skills at the end :D

[ame=""]YouTube - DT SRS 338LM 1000 yds 4 Shot Group[/ame]
It does leave ya wondering.

Were they waiting for the wind to die down and then cutting the film to shorten the video or were they cutting out the misses and keeping the good hits? One near the beginning where they cut the film just as the shooter is running the bolt forward, I wonder if that was the shooter having trouble getting the round to seat properly or the bolt to go forward. Some weapon systems don't like rounds dropped in from the top when they are designed to be mag fed.