Canada to Award General Petraeus Decoration


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Feb 8, 2007
Land of Swine and Maple Syrup
It's great to see the recognition between our countries is being done. Although, I would like to see some US troops in the lower ranks get something as well.

Canada hands military honour to top U.S. general

Postmedia NewsAugust 17, 2011


U.S. Gen. David Petraeus, shown to the left in this file photo, will receive a meritorious service decoration to for his work with "Canadian Forces members engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan."

Photograph by: Matthew Fisher, Postmedia News

OTTAWA — The former top U.S. military commander in Iraq and Afghanistan is being honoured for his service by Canada's commander-in-chief.
Gov.-Gen. David Johnston will give a meritorious service decoration to U.S. Gen. David Petraeus for his work with "Canadian Forces members engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan."
The announcement in the Canada Gazette said Petraeus gave Canada control over the highest number of U.S. soldiers assigned to any foreign nation in decades.
"This demonstration of faith enhanced Canada's role in the development of the American-led campaign plan in Afghanistan, while General Petraeus' extraordinary leadership strengthened the relationship between our two countries," the posting said.
The honour, created in 1984, is handed out annually to military members with outstanding service or achievement, according to the Governor General's website.
Petraeus, a four-star general, has been named as the next director of the Central Intelligence Agency, a position he will begin in September.
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