Canadian Army to Purchase Revision Eyewear Goggles


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Feb 8, 2007
Land of Swine and Maple Syrup
Good news! I'll have to wait until they are in the system and for some friends to "lose" them while training. lol

Today is Friday May 27, 2011

Canadian Army to Purchase Revision Eyewear Goggles

By Dave Pugliese Thu, May 26 2011 David Pugliese’s Defence Watch

Press release from Revision Eyewear:

Montreal, QC, Canada (May 26, 2011) – Revision <> , leading developer of ballistic protective eyewear for militaries worldwide, has secured a contract with the Canadian DND <> to supply its Land Forces with the Desert Locust® <> and Bullet Ant® <> Goggle Systems. The initial contract is to supply 50,000 Desert Locust kits, 10,000 Bullet Ant kits and 50,000 additional lenses in 2011, with a 5 year option period. The contract also includes an option for specialty lenses such as laser and high-contrast lenses. Revision’s Desert Locust and Bullet Ant Goggles were selected for their superior performance, excellent ballistic and optical properties, and their environmental and chemical testing performance. This is Revision’s second major contract with the DND this year; in January, the company was awarded the Air Force Ballistic Eyewear (BEW) contract for 33,000 eyewear kits and 40,000 additional lenses.

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